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Sales Tech Talk

As sales professionals, we get a lot of pressure to consistently meet our targets and produce sales. Yet, a sales person is only as effective as their best sales tool. With the increasing variety of gadgets on the market that claim to increase sales productivity, it’s hard to gauge the usefulness, or rather, the effectiveness of each of these technologies in terms of sales productivity.

Everyone talks a lot about sales training, sales coaching and sales methodology, but there is little discussion about the blending of sales and technology. In our case, without technology, SalesWays wouldn’t exist. We’ve looked everywhere, and we can’t find anyone that’s really putting the focus on salespeople when looking at tech tools.

We thought we’d take the lead in testing the latest tech gadgets and technology specifically for salespeople. So we’re launching a new program on The SalesWays HUB called Sales Tech Talk. Our primary goal will be focused on tools and technology for the sales professional. We will keep you updated as different hardware gadgets get circulated around the office to our Sales Tech Experts, who will post about their experience, thoughts and rating for each hardware tool and how it could be used to increase sales productivity.

First up, will be the Galaxy Note 8.0 Tablet, a tablet from Samsung that debuted back in February.  Our team will take turns at reviewing this mobile device and will report back to you on its effectiveness for sales professionals, along with our overall impressions of the device.

Our short-term wish list of hardware gadgets to review includes Windows Phone 8X, Samsung Galaxy S4, Surface RT, iPad, iPhone 5, Google Chrome Book, and MacBook Air.  Did we miss any?  Let us know which products you would like to see us review.

Follow your favourite author and tell us what you think. (And remember, you won’t always agree with us, so join in the discussion by clicking on the Comment button.) In September, we are planning to release our 2013 awards for Sales Productivity Device of the year.

So stay tuned for our first Sales Tech Talk post coming next week!

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