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We have a new video released at The HUB, and following the success of The Artist last year, it’s not a talkie. The ASPEC Experience is a one-minute visual extravaganza, dancing through some of the unique opportunity management capabilities of ASPEC products as shown on the screens of iPhones, tablets, and computers. One of the features of the ASPEC products is this interconnectivity – the ability to use any of these computational devices alone or in concert, providing the user with unprecedented sales productivity capabilities.

At The HUB, we’re very focused on our Library and intent on building one of the great content resources for sales professionals. We’ve only recently started, but we already have a wide variety of articles, e-books, white papers, and, of course, videos. We’re soliciting new contributors and before long we will be bringing you the best sales knowledge and opinion from around the world.

I thought I would take this opportunity to review the current video offerings. In addition to a bunch of sales-focused entertainment videos, we have six ASPEC-related videos of our own creation.

Introduction to ASPEC Mobile. This is the iPhone version of the ASPEC sales productivity suite of products. Mobile has all of the capabilities of our Cloud products refined for the small screen. It is available for free at the iTunes store.

Introduction to ASPEC Cloud Companion. The Cloud Companion is a free adjunct to ASPEC Mobile. As handy and powerful as the iPhone is, there are limitations to the small screen and tiny keyboards. The Cloud Companion syncs your Mobile data to the Cloud for security and for some operations better left to full-size devices. These include graphical forecasting, statistics dashboards, iPhone setup, and data export for reports and presentations.

Introduction to ASPEC Cloud. A three-minute tour of the basic functions of ASPEC and some of the patented sales methodology-driven features such as sales cycle modeling, automated probability calculation, automated prioritization, and intelligent feedback.

Prioritizing Your Sales Opportunities. A more comprehensive look at how ASPEC automatically calculates priorities for every one of your opportunities and then categorizes all of them for easy planning, review, and action. Prioritization is one major part of the Opportunity Portfolio Management process that assures maximum return from the entire portfolio of opportunities.

Breakthrough Forecasting. ASPEC uses a unique and elegant process to automatically set accurate and consistent probabilities for winning each opportunity. The process uses the sales person’s knowledge of the customer and opportunity at every step in the sales cycle to quickly and easily update probability. Taken together, this process results in accurate and consistent forecasts for the entire portfolio across time and team.

The ASPEC Experience. Eloquently described above, don’t you think?

We’ll be adding more – our own and from contributors – so visit the Library on occasion to see what’s playing.

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