The First 100 – Ed.’s Perspective

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Have you ever tried to get sales types to sit down and write something other than a proposal? You’ve heard of something being as impossible as herding cats, right? Well, that’s like herding cats by using dogs. Even if you get them there, a hell of a fight will ensue.

 And now they’re telling me we’ll be having guest contributors and more than one original article per day. Just when I was starting to get these cats herded, they’re bringing in new cats!

 It is interesting work, though, once you get past the initial typos and bad grammar. Lots of variety and innovative ideas from some pretty accomplished sales pros.

 Now, if I can just get that English guy to spell “colour” without the “u”, everything would be fine.

 And in case you’re wondering, all my writing is italicized. Cute, huh?


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