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Productivity is the measure of the efficiency of production. If it takes me an hour to do a task, and I find a way to do it in 55 minutes, I’ve increased my productivity. In sales, production means the number of opportunities worked, and the ratio of wins to losses. Increasing my productivity means more opportunities worked in the same amount of time, and a higher number of won sales in relation to my total number of opportunities.

Sounds simple enough.

So first, increased productivity requires increased efficiency in the number of opportunities worked per unit of time. I can increase my efficiency through technology by automating tasks, or through tools to triage my leads and opportunities and separate the wheat from the chaff, or through processes that keep me organized and focused and use my time effectively, or through territory management to eliminates wasted travel time, or through … well, the list goes on and on, doesn’t it?

And my close ratio? Again, there are tools and processes and methods and techniques that will help me maximize the harvest within the seeds I have sown.

This is the category where we will be discussing all of these. We’re going to start with a six-part series on Getting Sales Done, using the theories and methods of David Allen in his best-selling Getting Things Done book. We’ll look at specifically how these techniques apply to sales and see if we can’t improve our productivity.

And we’ll also be looking at some of those tools to manage the flood of information, at new methods in Internet-based selling, at different techniques and products and services. We’ll try to be productive in improving your productivity.

And you can, make that you should, be part of the conversation. Use the Comment button liberally and toss your two-cents in.

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