The Usability Guide for ASPEC for – Part 1: What It Is & How It Works

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ASPEC for Salesforce

In this guide I intend to introduce how ASPEC for can benefit your business, and specifically how it works. We have previously talked about why we built the app, and have given presentations at Dreamforce ’13 on how we created it – but this guide is on the usability of the app itself.

Installing the App

The quick guide to getting up and running is as follows – this is meant for Salesforce administrators or for anyone with access to a sandbox account:

Step 1: Install ASPEC from AppExchange.

Step 2: Navigate to the ASPEC app in your Salesforce account, and click the Getting Started tab.

Step 3: Read through the Getting Started guide, and follow along. It’s recommended to print out the instructions or open them in a separate tab. This process is necessary because we use some of the latest technology offered by Salesforce and requires some configuration to get it installed correctly.

Step 4: Follow this guide to understand how the app works!

What is ASPEC?

ASPEC is an app that radically improves opportunity management within If you have been using CRM systems such as Salesforce for a while, you know that almost every vendor out there has a stage-based method for tracking sales opportunities. Choose a stage field on the opportunity, which automatically assigns a probability. Then, sort your opportunities by stage (or probability) to determine which one to work on first.

We say this is broken. Do you have the same chance of winning every opportunity in the same stage? Should you work your opportunities sorted by stage? Absolutely not – but this is the subject of a number of previous articles here on the HUB.

Back to ASPEC for, ASPEC asks two simple questions – Will We Win and Will It Happen. Users of Salesforce will already have our third field – Close Date. With this information, ASPEC can show you where you are in the sales cycle, your probability of winning, and a smart Priority. And it’s all visual.

With ASPEC, you can be more confident that opportunities will not slip through the cracks and you will overall win more business by increasing your sales productivity.

ASPEC for – The New Opportunity Form

With ASPEC installed, open up any opportunity in Salesforce and answer the two new questions (Will We Win, Will It Happen). Save the opportunity, and you will see the results

Figure 1: The ASPEC IBO Analysis Section on the Opportunity Form in

In the screenshot of the Opportunity form, you can see how ASPEC visualizes where you are in the sales cycle, as well as provides a new method of assigning a probability. Further, ASPEC offers a priority that considers both time and probability, including some feedback advice.

As a new user of ASPEC, you will need to go through the existing open opportunities and enter the values for Will We Win and Will It Happen. Once this is done, all opportunities will be properly categorized by ASPEC.

Turning on Expert Mode – Sales Coaching Built Right In Without the Complexity

ASPEC for contains an optional Expert mode that provides a computer generated second set of answers to Will We Win and Will It Happen. As a result, it also provides a suggested new Priority and some coaching advice on what can be done to improve your chances of winning (if necessary).

Clicking the ASPEC Advisor Expert on the Opportunity form takes you to a series of questions about the opportunity, grouped by three phases – Probe, Prove, and Close.

Figure 2: ASPEC Advisor Expert

Summary and What’s Next

ASPEC for is a simple, but powerful new way of increasing your sales effectiveness and sales productivity with Salesforce. By blending a graphical and visually appealing interface with the fact that it actually makes sense, increases user adoption of your CRM system.

In Part 2, I plan to talk about how to use the Planner view (Opportunities grouped by Priority), as well as how to leverage the Salesforce reporting capabilities to create dramatic new insights into the opportunities your sales team are working on.

Stay tuned!

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