Trillion Interactions

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My business has been CRM and SFA since the days that those terms first originated. Our products have evolved over the years to incorporate new technologies and business ideas.

CRM has revolutionized the way companies communicate and interact with the customer, leading to a win-win of a better customer experience and a more lucrative business model.

Interactions with the customer should be the focus of CRM apps. The app should encourage and simplify entering customer interactions. I’m especially interested in recording interactions in the sales cycle – it helps enormously with the planning of the sale and archived interactions from previous deals are a great source of information for developing winning strategies.

A few years ago I wrote the following to our design team as something to think about in the underlying importance of the customer interaction in sales.

“We have an innovative and generic computer-based sales process engine that is applicable to any sales cycle ranging from days to years in length.
It is available to any salesperson at any time, in any place, 24 hrs a day because of the technologies of mobile, cloud and internet.
20 million salespeople worldwide are involved in strategic, competitive selling where our product has proven to create vastly improved success rates.
Each one of these salespeople handles opportunities with average value of $20k. They sell $1M per year, or 50 units. Their success rate is 1 out of three, meaning that they work on 150 situations per year. Each opportunity needs 10 customer interactions to close, or a total of 1,500 interactions. Therefore we have throughout the world 1.5 trillion interactions where we have the opportunity to tell salespeople the way we feel about new sales methods designed for technology.”

1.5 trillion Interactions – it blew my mind when I first calculated that!

That’s one of the reasons that we have Salesways HUB, and the HUB content is available in our products as you need it.

I didn’t check my ancient math when I posted this – anyway, the numbers are huge!

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